Baptiste part II, section II.

Your exquisitely detailed exploits of the “Window A” experience, though in a sense deeply moving, are undermined somewhat by the utter lack of existence of said “Window A”. Your quixotic struggles with “Window B”, though stirring, share a similar hollowish ring, given its similar non-existence. The “Window C” trials you’ve mentioned seem to lose some of their moral grandeur given the fact that they never, in fact, happened at all.

We won’t mention your so-called travails with the highly controversial “Window D”, a window no one has been able to actually locate, despite many attempts.

Your heroic, “almost godlike” forays at these many “windows” certainly shake the spirit, or would, had they ever, in fact, transpired. Even the nearly blinding luster of one’s savagely moral “Window Q” odyssey limpens in the light of its not ever even remotely having occurred in any way whatsoever.

But other than that, a job well done, Mr. Baptiste. We are all quite _______’d.

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