Baptiste part II, section I.

Rumor has it that you’ve been doing a great—-very great—perhaps too great——deal of reporting  to a certain “Window A”.  Well, there is in fact no “Window A”, Mr. Baptiste.   Nor is there a “Window B”.  Equally absent from the known world are  “Windows C, D” & even “E”.   And if there were a “Window F”, surely we would know of it, and surely we do not.

Oh, once, at one time, there was a “Window G”, but this time has long since passed;  and never, not ever, were you noticed in its environs.  You were occupied, instead, reporting to this so-called “Window A”, a window that does not exist, nor has it ever, except for that one time.  And during that one time, you were no doubt reporting to the likes of “Window Q”, or some such.

If, perhaps, you, Mr. Baptiste, could spend more time reporting to “windows” which actually exist  (though, in fact, there are no such “windows”), well.  Perhaps, then, _________.

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