Hog Hopes.

Daylight is another scene altogether.

Mt. Fuji, a glorious weekend of pleasure-filled moments,

The hand-in-hand stroll from a sunrise session in San Francisco,

{Quite a commute!}:

The conjurer of false hog hopes.

A sense of _____, only just found,

That could be taking place anywhere again.

A big moment of truth with no letdown.

You can fake through it if you want to,

It’s your choice.

To some of us, it’s within. Yet still we need help.

We’ve caught similar sermons before,

Believed them, too.

There’s no stuttering.

_____ is no come-on.It is so real, we know it now.

So what of real hog hopes?

Where are the conjurers of these,

What kind of commutes do they take.

Where are they. Where are they.

And what of real hog hopes.

What of them?

What of real hog hopes.

Published by ml22


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